Ten Dutch pop records which became global hits

So we might not have qualified for the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest for years and years and years, but we have had a few global hits in our time.

Here are ten of them:

Venus: Shocking Blue
Sylvia: Focus

40 years on, they've got a lot less hair

40 years on, they’ve got a lot less hair

Radar Love: Golden Earring
Ding a dong: Teach In (won the Eurovision song contest in 1975)
Una Paloma Blanca: George Baker
Smurf song: Father Abraham
No Limits: Two Unlimited
Weโ€™re going to Ibiza: Vengaboys
A little less conversation: Junkie XL remix
On a night like this: Caro Emerald

Okay, so one of them is deeply embarassing (thank you George Baker) and two are ‘variations’ on other people’s work (Vengaboys and Junkie XL) but still…

And this is not to mention all those Dutch DJs who are global superstars.

Note: Herman Brood, the ultimate Dutch rock and roll junkie had a minor hit in the US with Saturday Night in 1979 but was not the global superstar many people think he was.


20 thoughts on “Ten Dutch pop records which became global hits

  1. Liz

    What about “Little Green Bag” also from George Baker (Selection)? It was on the radio when I was in a small town in Utah about 3 weeks ago. Also “Twilight Zone” from the Golden Earring.

    1. Deane Cooper

      Whenever I have to travel a long distance by car I bring a cd with all my favorite driving songs recorded to it. These are songs that keep you alert and happy. Golden Earring’s ‘Radar Love’ and ‘Twilight Zone’ are both on this cd. However, I will be adding Geoge Baker’s ‘Little Green Bag’ before my next trip. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Paul

    You forgot the embarrasing ‘Vogeltjesdans’… Luckilly most dutch music does not become a worldwide success, as most music from Holland really sucks.

    1. Roy

      This is orginally not a Dutch song, but Swiss. Still the Dutch version of it could be the most embarassing one ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. Eric

      So Radar Love from the Golden Earring..Wasdted words from the Motions…The Life I live from Q65…Window of my Eyes from Cuby and the Blizzards…they’re mostly suck?…wow.. I like to see what kind of music in your mind does not suck..

  3. Jacobus

    Actually, I think the biggest dutch music hit worldwide is “little green bag” by George Baker. It was a, pretty much worldwide, hit when it was first relased in the late sixties, but became a classic worldwide thru Reservoir Dogs.

  4. Nihal

    Actually Golden Earring had more international fame with “When The Bullet Hits the Bone” and “When the Lady Smiles” in the eighties. I believe there were also some jazz musicians who were known internationally, and actually not an embarrassment at all.

  5. Mavadelo

    Good way to describe Brood, I am sure if he would had read it he would have agreed and be proud. Herman also made the best rendition of the famous “My Way” ever recorded, but that is just my humble opinion.

  6. William (American half of Dutch/American couple)

    Vengaboys hit in America with “We Like To Party”, which was only released as a single here.

    Diesel had a minor hit here with “Sausalito Summer Night”. Their follow up album did not do as well, but still had a minor hit, “Leader of the Pac-Man”.

    Who could forget Taco? Not only did he have “Puttin’ On The Ritz”, but had minor hits with “Let’s Face The Music And Dance” and “Livin’ In My Dream World”.

    You mention Teach-In, how about Mouth and McNeal’s “I See A Star” (although “How Do You Do” was a bigger hit)?

    And more modern artists who’ve hit it big, at least in Europe: Anouk (Nobody’s Wife, Birds), Trijntje Oosterhuis, Tiesto, The Art Compay/VOF de Kunst (Susana), Within Temptation… just to name a few.

  7. Amsterdamkat

    I’m surprised “Stars on 45” were left out. I wore that record out, never knowing it was Dutch created.

    1. Henk

      OK, I had to dig deep. But now we know where Lady Gaga got her inspiration from (The Videokids). Ten Sharp, Time Bandits (Live It Up) are worth a mention, Vandenberg. Let’s mention The singing nun, Technotronic for Flanders.

  8. Mike Horne

    Hi Everyone. I have visited Holland in 2000, and really enjoyed myself on that short break. Also,I really enjoy your music, and have managed to collect quite an amount of singles and l.p’s.There are some excellent and bad records like everywhere else in the world.
    With regards to Golden Earring, I preferred “Bombay” to “Radar Love”, although it did not chart here as the latter did.
    Anyone know where I can get rarer stuff like The Mo l.p “Stop Staring”, it has the great track “Horse race”?


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