Top 10 A brands sold in Dutch supermarkets

The most popular branded goods bought in Dutch supermarkets in 2012  were: 

1 Campina (dairy products)
2 Marlboro
3 Douwe Egberts (coffee)
4 Coca Cola
5 Heineken

A Dutch classic

A Dutch classic

6 Unox (soup, smoked sausage)
7 Dr Oetker (frozen pizza, bake-your-own-cake kits)
8 Frische Vlag (more dairy products)
9 Pall Mall ( more tobacco)
10 Becel (margarine and spreads – usually described by the Dutch as butter)

Source: SymphonyIRI


1 thought on “Top 10 A brands sold in Dutch supermarkets

  1. Catinka

    what about Van Nelle? I think as goes for tobacco, it’s the most sold “shag” over here… (rolling tobacco) And Pall Mall? I’m a smoker myself and know a lot of smokers, but none of them smokes Pall Mall… I think even Camel is sold more then Pall Mall.


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