10 memorable moments in Dutch football

We wanted to call this ‘great moments’ and then we realised some are not so great, and we’d rather forget them, like failing to win World Cups. So we’ve gone for memorable… even if we’d rather not remember.

1. Losing the World Cup final against Spain in 2010 – Arjan Robben hits the keeper’s toe

The Guardian newspaper’s live blog had this to say:

62 min: WHAT A MISS!!! Sneijder takes down a goal kick and slips a lovely pass straight down the centre, freeing Robben. He’s onside, clear on goal with only Casillas to beat, and waits until the keeper commits. But he doesn’t get any height on the ball as he goes to cliip it into the corner, allowing the keeper to stick out a leg and deflect the shot over and out for a corner. Robben puts his head in his hands, and no wonder. That chance was the stuff of dreams. The resulting corner, well, nothing comes of that, a frustrated Robben skying a shot miles over.

Spain went on to score in extra time. Cue mass depression in the Netherlands.

2. Losing the World Cup final in 1978 against Argentina in 1978

Rob Rensenbrink hits the post in the last minute of normal time. Oranje  ultimately lost 3–1 after two extra time  goals from Argentina.

Cue mass depression in the Netherlands

3.Marco van Baasten’s goal in the Euro 1988 final

Mentioned by all of our friends as one of the the greatest ever goals, Marco Van Basten’s masterpiece helped Oranje beat the Soviet Union 2-0 and clinch their only European title to date.

4. Jack van Gelder’s commentary for Dennis Bergkamp’s goal in the 1998 World Cup quarter finals against Argentina

What can we say? Legend.

5. Ove Kindvell’s goal which gave Feyenoord victory in the 1970 European Cup

Feyenoord faced Glasgoe side Celtic in the final in Milan. The result was 1-1 at full time and three minutes before the end of extra time, Kindvall scored the winner. Feyenoord became the first Dutch team to win a major European trophy.

6. Louis van Gaal shows the rest how it is done

The scene: the 1995 Champions League final between Ajax and Milan. Patrick Kluivert’s late goal gave victory to the Amsterdammers but coach Louis van Gaal scored as well. When the referee refused to give Ajax a free kick after Marcel Desailly nearly decapitated Jari Litmanen, Van Gaal went ballistic and imitated Desailly with an impressive karate kick. There’s a fake version doing the rounds on internet but, alas, we have been able to track down the real thing.

7. An injured Johan Cruijff tells Leo Beenhaker to reshuffle the team

It is Ajax versus FC Twente on November 20, 1980. Ajax is losing and an exasperated Johan Cruijff, out through injury, can keep quiet no longer. He quits the tribune and sits next to trainer Leo Beenhakker. Debate still ranges about how much influence Cruijff had during that match, which Ajax went on to win 5-3.

8. Patrick Kluivert’s goal in the 1995 Champion’s League final against AC Milan

Not many people had heard of Patrick Kluivert until the Champions League final against AC Milan in 1995, where he came on as a substitute to score the only goal of the game and give Ajax victory. We wish we could show you, but we can’t find a decent clip anywhere.

9. Spitting at the 1990 World Cup

Hostility laid bare. Frank Rijkaard spits twice at Rudi Voller during the West Germany Oranje match, earning himself the nickname llama in the German press.

10. Marco van Basten scores for Ajax against BVV Den Bosch

November 9, 1986. The master shows once again how it should be done. Ajax went on to beat Den Bosch 3-1.


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