Ten souvenirs you really should not have bought

We’ve all done it. They look so clever/cute/fun/perfect for big brother or mum when we spot them in the shop. But when we get them home. Oh boy.

1. Fluffy wooden clogs to be used as slippers

2. Fake Delft blue china clogs

The Dutch love a bargain

The Dutch love a bargain

3. Fake Delft blue clogs with tulip bulbs in them.

4. Bargain priced tulip bulbs which say ‘plant now’ even though it is way past planting season

5. Giant cigarette papers emblazoned with hash leaves. There is no way you will get past customs without a full body search if they spot them in your suitcase.

The stag night tourists are well-catered for

The stag night tourists are well-catered for

6. Underpants emblazoned with hash leaves.

7. Small round balls of cheese covered with wax which is usually plastic (like the cheese). Better buy a piece of the real thing in a supermarket. See 10 Dutch cheeses

8. A nasty nylon Ajax football shirt for your newly-born nephew. See memorable moments in Dutch football

Sartorial elegance

Sartorial elegance

9. A woolly hat with a bobble on top and ear flaps, emblazoned with Amsterdam or hash leaves. You had a good laugh in the shop and your ears were so cold because of that freezing Dutch wind but once you get home… not a good look.

10. Any t shirt advertising the fact you have spent lots of time in the Red Light district and possibly picked up a nasty disease. Not a good look either.


1 thought on “Ten souvenirs you really should not have bought

  1. HollandTraveler Esther

    haha like the detail with the stuffed sheep, how about that 😀 Is that politically correct to ‘use’ a black sheep?! Hope his name is not Piet. Just sheep, because it’s all in the name. (p.s. I love or like people and animals all alike, mention it just in case..Sint is actually not supposed to be completely pale, that is the mistake in the story)


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