Six essential tourist photographs

No trip to the Netherlands is complete without the obligatory photographs… and some are more essential than others.  You don’t want your guests to go home feeling they have missed anything, so here’s a list of must-have photos for anyone visiting.

1. Iamsterdam

They just can't get enough

They just can’t get enough

It’s a rule that anyone who visits Amsterdam must take a photo on or near the Iamsterdam sign in Museumplein. On a nice day, the sign will be covered with tourists, sitting, standing, dancing or otherwise creatively posing for their photo. You may have to queue.

2. In a giant yellow clog

giant yellow clog

There are a few of these floating around. There’s one at Schiphol airport. There’s another in the Delft city centre and a third at the Zaanse Schans windmill park. You get bonus points for fitting the whole family in.

3. On a canal bridge

The iconic image of the Netherlands is small canal bridge overlooking rows of the quintessential canal houses. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in Amsterdam, Leiden, Delft or Utrecht, when someone comes to visit, they will ask you to take their photo, standing on a bridge with the houses as backdrop. Beware of the bikes, scooters, cars and other photographers as you step back to ensure the best possible result.

4. In, around or near tulips

I can see for miles and miles

I can see for miles and miles

Ideally, you’ll head out to Keukenhof or cycle out to a field of tulips where you can have your photo taken in front of rows and rows of the flowers in every possible shade. If your visitor doesn’t make it here during the few weeks they are in bloom, you will have to try the Bloemenmarkt in Amsterdam or grab a few bouquets from your local Albert Heijn. The flowers were probably grown in another country, but hey, its a tulip.

5. Binnenhof

Anyone who has tried to take a shortcut through Binnenhof – the parliamentary complex in The Hague – on a sunny day, knows that tourists love to take photos here. Quite why is a bit of a mystery but you get bonus points for persuading a minister to pose with you.

6. With a windmill

Who hasn't got this classic photo of Zaanse Schans?

Who hasn’t got this classic photo of Zaanse Schans?

Plenty of towns have old windmills for your photography session. Zaanse Schans and Kinderdijk have whole rows to choose from. But why not  be different and go for a wind turbine instead?  At least they will allow your visitor to discuss just how incredibly windy it can get here when showing off their vacation photos.

Got any other suggestions? We’d be happy to hear them.

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