Top 10 Dutch cafe terraces

Every year hospitality industry organisation Misset Horeca comes up with its Top 100 cafe terraces. Here is the 2013 top 10. Looks like the big cities have got some work to do….

1. De Boterlap in Harderwijk

2. De Ölliemölle in Borculo

3. Slavante in Maastricht

4. Kobus Kuch in Delft

5. Berrisz in Stellendam

6. Beachclub ‘t Gorsje in Ouddorp

7. Eetcafé Bie de Tantes in Eeys

8. Restaurant Het Hooihuis in Roosendaal

9. Sparne66 in Haarlem

10. Molly Malone Irish Pub in Enschede

Check out the full list here.

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