Seven essential foods the Dutch take on holiday

Packed the passports? Check. Tent? Check. Swimming costumes. Check. Bread, coffee and cheese? Check.

How many of us have not tried to guess where the people in the next door tent or caravan have come from, without taking the easy option of looking at their car registration plates? So how can you spot Dutch campers? Take a look at the breakfast table!

No French bread and cheese here

No French bread and cheese here

Coffee:  research indicates that 77% of Dutch people aged 40+, don’t leave home without packing their favourite Dutch coffee.  Apparently the appeal of kick-starting the day with a ‘lekker bakkie’  of Turkish or Italian doesn’t tempt Dutch campers to switch from Douwe Egberts during vacations.

Bread:  Over half of all Dutch vacationers take bread with them.  We have to ask, doesn’t it go mouldy?

Cheese:  49% take along Dutch cheese for their sandwiches.  That French cheese just doesn’t have the same  appeal.

Drop:   48% of Dutch travellers take liquorice with them. Is it simply to keep the kids quiet on a long car journey or can they just not do without it?

Chocolate sprinkles:  47% take hagelslag with them. Well, what else would you put on your breakfast bread?

Peanut butter:  only 37% of travellers take a jar of peanut butter with them. This low percentage  obviously indicates an increased awareness that you can actually buy this staple in most countries around the world – but then, not Calve of course.

Stroopwafels:  about one in five Dutch holidaymakers take stroopwafels to go with their 10 o’clock (Dutch) coffee.

Don’t believe us? These are our sources.
http://holland-at-home.l/The-Dutch -on-holiday

3 thoughts on “Seven essential foods the Dutch take on holiday

  1. Cathy

    I am Belgian, my husband is Dutch & we moved to Australia five years ago. Every post package from the Netherlans contains: hagelslag or Vlokfeest, Calve pindakaas & drop. Too bad we can’t Old Dutch cheese

  2. carmenjorissen

    So funny to read! I’ve heard of other Dutch people taking food with them on the holiday, but we usually just take enough food for the trip and something simple to cook the first day when we get to our destination. And coffee, I have to admit. But after that it’s trying out local food! (Although my dad and brother are not that adventurous when it comes to tasting different cuisines)


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