Seven anarchic Dutch business initiatives

Fed up with helping to pay for banker’s bonuses and signing over most of your wages to pay your basic bills? Here are seven Dutch websites to help you avoid the big boys and girls of the capitalist system.

No money changed hands

Keep your cash

Self-employed but want to insure yourself against becoming unfit to work. Broodfonds works on the basis of gifts and cuts out the rip-off deals offered by insurance companies.

Free Amsterdam
Twitter feed for free stuff in Amsterdam and things and events costing less than €10. From fashion shows to museum tickets.

Need a tool, a step ladder or even a barbecue? Why not borrow if from your neighbours rather than buy it from a high-street store? Peerby helps you do just that and there are no fees attached.

Timebank is not a Dutch initiative but the local operation is fast growing and the website is in English so we think it worth including. Trade your time, pool your skills and expertise and build a community that doesn’t need cash. Time is money after all.

Avoid Avis, Hertz, Europcar and all the rest. Instead rent a car from a private citizen who lives round the corner from a few euros a day, all properly insured and with guaranteed payments. You get a much more interesting choice of cars as well.

Got a brilliant idea to launch a revolutionary company? Convince the scouts at Rockstart you are worth it and office space, access to experts and seed investment are all yours.

Ten Pages
Crowdfunding platform to get your book published. Submit 10 pages and wait and see if anyone is interested and wants to invest in you. Or go best-seller spotting and buy shares from €5 each.

Being the cheapskates that we are, we are always looking for more ideas.

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