The best eight vegetarian dishes in the Netherlands

The Dutch vegetarian society held a competition to find the  best vegetarian dishes Dutch restaurants have to offer – and three of them are from Nijmegen!

1: De Nieuwe Winkel Nijmegen
Potatoes baked in clay with raddish, seaweed and marsh samphire with Oosterschelde sea water foam.

Marsh samphire, an essential ingredient

Marsh samphire, an essential ingredient

2. De Vereeniging, Nijmegen
Cream of Bleu d’Auvergne cheese, cheese balls, grilled pear and pear compote with saffron

3. De Keuken van Gastmaal, Utrecht
A celeriac slice with softened shallots and red cabbage, served with nut butter and fried reindeer lichen.

The five runners up:

Kop van ‘t Land, Dordrecht
Salsify with Hollandaise sauce, cucumber and hen-of-the-woods mushroom

Hen of the woods - not exactly vegetarian-sounding

Hen of the woods – not exactly vegetarian-sounding

De Eetstee, Amersfoort
Rotolo with tomato, goats cheese and brazil nuts with yellow beets and salsa verde

Hagedis, Den Haag
Grilled celeriac with portobello mushrooms, turnip tops, lentils and sea buckthorn chutney

Buckthorn, simply delicious

Buckthorn, simply delicious?

Il Mediterraneo, Etten-Leur
Fake tuna with red beets and walnut tart

Voorheen Slagerij De Jong, Nijmegen
Sprouts tart with chestnut and dates, chopped nut balls and pear salad.

Read more in the Volkskrant


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