Ten English things the Dutch like to buy

The English abroad are known for sticking to their teabags and marmite. But it’s a pretty bizarre collection of things that Dutch shoppers buy in the British General Stores in Amsterdam.

In no particular order:

Tomato soup


What? Three biscuits?

What? Three biscuits?


Tea bags

Bicarbonate of soda

So know you know

So know you know

Colmans mustard

Golden syrup

Union Jack gifts

No balsamic and sea salt here

No balsamic and sea salt here

Salt and vinegar crisps

Branston pickle

Your own thoughts on the English delicacies you cannot do without are most welcome.


8 thoughts on “Ten English things the Dutch like to buy

  1. yvette meijer

    Cadbury’s caramel chocolate bar, prawn crisps, salt & vinegar crisps, caramel flap jack, humbugs, fruit pastilles, trebor mint, cadbury chocolate eclairs, milk chocolate hobnobs, heinz spaghetti hoops, heinz baked beans, M&S crispy aromatic duck, clotted cream, elizabeth shaw mint crisp chocolate

  2. Catinka

    except for the “soda “there’s nothing in the list abouve that rings a bell! ???? And I like to think of myself as Dutcher-then-Dutch!

  3. Martijn

    Where can I buy Ginger Nuts in the Netherlands? I know Verkade produces them because i have seen them in shops in Namibia and Malaysia. But NEVER in the Netherlands…..


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