10 things the Dutch miss when they live abroad

These figures are a couple of years old, but we don’t suppose they have changed that much. So what do the Dutch really miss when they live in another country?

More popular than friends?

More popular than friends?

1. Herring (9.1%)

2. Croquettes (8.6%)

3. Cheese (8.1%)

A taste of home

A taste of home

4. Hema (8%)

5. Friends and family (6.7%)

Essential for staying dry

More popular than Sinterklaas

6. Cycling (6.5%)

7. Bread and other stuff from the Dutch bakery (3.7%)

8. Gezelligheid (2.2%) – it’s that untranslatable word again – cosiness, jolliness, sitting round a table in a brown cafe drinking red wine after a lovely skate over the frozen canals.

9. Sinterklaas (2.1%)

10. Spreads for on bread (2.1%)

Do Dutch people really miss herring more than friends and family? That’s not very gezellig.

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17 thoughts on “10 things the Dutch miss when they live abroad

      1. Palmyra Bakker

        Sorry people, I worked and lived a lot abroad and to make hagelslag and a spread on the bread is too much generalising. Also Drop should be on the list.

    1. Dagmar Sporck

      once you live abroad you realize there’s no such shop as the HEMA Evelien… one store where you can quicly find everything for a decent price. here in Italy we have 10 specialised and expensive shops replacing 1 HEMA. 😉
      er is zelfs een boek over: Ik mis alleen de Hema (verhalen van emigranten): http://dag.gy/1dYAbGM

  1. Henk

    I can’t to this list at all! I guess I’m not that Dutch after all… 😉 On nr 1: is a tie between family and friends and the coastal areas & beaches

    1. Henk

      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      Ok, that went wrong. One more try:
      I can’t relate to this list at all! I guess I’m not all that Dutch… 😉
      1. A tie between family/friends and the coastal areas & beaches (Zeeland)
      2. Belgische bieren 😉
      3. Hagelslag
      4. Kibbeling og lekkerbekjes met friet

  2. Ton

    What about KARNAVAL for the people of zuidlimburg , Maastricht etc.
    Do they miss it? On the moment is the openging of the karnaval season going on.
    @ Maastricht & Lanaken etc.

  3. Antoinette de Gast

    Zuurkool, the proper stuff, not the sweet Norwegian surkål; rookworst (røykt pølse). I know both of these items are available in Norway, but they’re not the same..


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