10 tall Dutch things

Coming to the Netherlands can make the average person feel vertically challenged.  Yet, the Netherlands is not a country of soaring skyscrapers and mountain peaks.  Yes indeed. Our list shows the good old Dutch trait of moderation is also apparent in architecture and nature.

Tallest structure
This award goes to Gerbrandy Tower in IJsselstein, thanks to the  aerial mast mounted on its tower.  Built in 1961 and originally measured at 382.5 metres, the Gerbrandy Tower knocked the Eiffel Tower from top spot on the list of Europe’s tallest structures, holding the title for twelve years.

It is also the tallest Dutch Christmas tree

It is also the tallest Dutch Christmas tree

Even with two height reductions in 1987 and 2007, it remains the tallest Dutch structure (366.8 metres) and continues to be used for transmission of television and radio services.

Tallest chimney

Let's see Zwarte Piet climb this

Let’s see Zwarte Piet climb this

Located in Rotterdam, the two Shell Pernis chimneys built 1968-1974, are 213 metres high.

Tallest tree
A Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) in the grounds of the royal family’s Het Loo Palace in Appeldoorn.  In 2010, Leo Goudzwaard and Jeroen Philippona measured the tree to be 49.75 metres high.

Pic from appropriately named website monumentaltrees.com

Pic from monumentaltrees.com

This measurement seems insignificant when compared to its American cousin located in Washington State and measuring 99.76 metres.

Highest bridge

We're impressed

We’re impressed

Designed by Ben van Berkel, the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam with its 139 metre high asymmetrical pylon is the highest bridge in the Netherlands.

Highest mountain (well, hill)
The award goes to Vaalserberg (322.7 metres) in Limburg.  Vaalserberg is also the meeting point between the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Impressive huh! (Thanks for pic Xanos)

Impressive (Thanks for pic Xanos)

Highest sand dune

This is not a ski slope

This is not a ski slope

The dunes around Schoorl in Noord Holland are the highest along the Dutch coast, with the tallest coming in at about 54 metres – give or take a few grains. This makes the village one of the safest places to live if you are worried about rising sea levels.

Highest building

A fine view of the river

A fine view of the river

Built in 2010, Maastoren in Rotterdam is the country’s highest building at 165 metres.  Taking the stairs to the top or 45th floor is a guaranteed workout.

Highest church tower

Big in Utrecht

Big in Utrecht

In a country full of churches, this award goes to Dom Cathedral (112.5m) in Utrecht.  Built between 1321 and 1382, the church tower has amazing views and fourteen ringing bells.

Highest place to live 

The view from the top is better

The view from the top is better

Westpoint Tower in Tilburg is the highest residential building in the Netherlands. Completed in 2004, this 141.6 metre building has 48 floors and 156 housing units.

Tallest Person
Robert Zwaan is considered by the Guinness Book of Records to be is the tallest Dutchman at 2.23 metres. He is still  more than 50 cms shorter than world record holder –  Robert Wadlow from Illinois, who died in 1940.

Getting measured

Getting measured

Rumour also has it that female circus performer Trijntje Keever  (1616-1633) measured 2.54 metres although this claim is unverified.

Any other tall things most welcome.


2 thoughts on “10 tall Dutch things

  1. Dutch as can be

    I guess you mean “VaalserbErg” (or Mount Vaals) instead of Vaalserburg. The Dutch word “berg” means mountain, the Dutch word “burg” means “fortified town”.


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