10 of our favourite Nederdutch phrases

We may have in the past mentioned the way Dutch teenagers seem to describe everything these days as nice, but it seems there is more afoot in cross-over language land.

We’ve had Dunglish – the lovely mash-up between Dutch and English. But the Dutch are now having their revenge. English is being literally translated and  turned into Nederdutch. These are our favourite examples from the Volkskrant magazine.

Do you speak the taal?

Do you speak the taal?

1. Worst-kaasscenario (sausage cheese scenario – think about it)

2. Wat de neuk (what the f***)

3. Nee dank je. Ik ben goed (no, I don’t want another biscuit)

4. Wees daar of wees vierkant (be there or be square – how literal can you get?)

Was it good for you too?

Was it good for you too?

5. Een grote tijd (as in having a great time)

6. Haartje van de hond (pick me up drink)

7. Niet mijn kopje tee (not something I really like)

8. Bij de weg (incidently)

9. Ik ga daar zo niet heen (forget it)

10. Poep gebeurt (things can go wrong)

There is much, much more out there. Your examples are most welcome.

6 thoughts on “10 of our favourite Nederdutch phrases

  1. sceptical

    well, I never actually heard someone say these kind of things, so I am wondering what kind of Dutch people you asked for these … sayings or that you just made them up


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