Ten Things To Do In Delft

Want to get away for a weekend? Check out Delft, sandwiched between The Hague and Rotterdam, this beautiful old city has a lot to offer.

Yes, Delft too has canals

Yes, Delft too has canals

1.Delft pottery
Most famous for its Delftware, this blue pottery originated in Delft and now there’s just one of the original factories left. At the Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles, you can watch the tradesmen at work and get fantastic survivors. You can even see a recreation of Rembrandt’s Night Watch made out of Delftware tiles.

2. Nieuwe Kerk
Climb to the top of the Nieuwe Kerk for a spectacular view from the second highest church tower in the country. Located on the main square, directly opposite of the old Stadhuis, William of Orange is buried here, as well as the members of the royal family.

3. Oude Kerk
Your ticket to the Nieuwe Kerk will also get your entry to the Oude Kerk. Founded in 1246, due to a miscalculation in the construction process, the church tower is visibly tilting. Inside, you’ll find Johannes Vermeer’s tomb. The largest bell in the tower weighs nine tons and is only rung when a member of the royal family dies.

Does every Dutch town have an Oude Kerk?

Does every Dutch town have an Oude Kerk?

 4. Vermeer Centre
No tour of Delft is complete without a visit to the Vermeer Centrum. The centre highlights the life and work of the most famous Dutch master, who lived and worked in the city during his entire life.

Vermeer and Delft blue are everywhere

Vermeer and Delft blue are everywhere

 5. Lunch
Grab lunch at the best sandwich place in town, the Stads-koffyhuis. Founded in 1966, this cafe has received the award for best sandwiches in the Netherlands and was just given Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence for the second time.

 6. Eat apple pie
If you’re still hungry, head over to Kobus Kuch for their famous appletart and hot chocolate. You won’t be the only one, they sell 60,000 slices of tart per year. You can even get an entire one to take home at their store next to the cafe.

7. Oostport
Walk off that food by strolling over to the Oostport. Built in 1401, the East Gate was built to protect the city from invading forces and is the only of Delft’s city gates still standing.

 8. Prinsenhof
To get a bit more history, visit the Prinsenhof, a former monastery which now houses Delft’s municipal museum. You can still find the bullet hole in the wall where William of Orange was assisted.

Steeped in history

Steeped in history

9. Botanical Gardens
Want to spend some time outside? Don’t miss the Botanical Gardens. Located along the Rijn-Schie canal, the garden was started in 1917. Walk through the 25,000 square metre grounds of herbs, tropical and subtropical plants.

10. Beer
Finish your trip with dinner and a beer (or several) at Trappistenlokaal ‘t Klooster. This typical bruin cafe serves Flemish cuisine with locally sourced ingredients and has one of the most impressive beer lists in the Netherlands.

Need more advice on where to eat? Check out Blue Plate Special, Delft’s English-language review site.


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  1. deStijl

    Love your blog.
    Just noticed a small typo: william wasnt ‘assisted’, since the bullet didnt help him, in fact it killed him 🙂


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