10 not to miss ice cream flavours

Amsterdam’s daily paper Het Parool has published as list of the 10 ice cream flavours you have to have tried this summer.


The ‘dropijs’ from the Pisa ice cream parlour is ‘good’ but ‘difficult to combine with other flavours. We bet it is.

Bittersweet Arabic coffee with cardamon
Made by Professor Grunschnabel and based on coconut milk. Also recommended, strawberry with Madame Jeanette chilis.

Mandarin sorbet
The fruit flavour explodes in your mouth, say Xandra van Gelder, who had the job of putting together the list. Includes white white vinegar as a taste enhancer.

White, with the structure of snow and tastes of chemical grapes. But sold in the exclusive Ijsboutique on the Johannes Verhulsstraat in Zuid, so who cares? €2 a scoop.

Strawberry cheesecake
A fat bomb for fans with real bits of strawberry and with a traditional Italian ice cream flavour.

The bosbes is also known as the blauwebes (blueberry) and the colour of this ice cream is said to be a cross between deep purple and bordeaux red. Not to be confused with the bosvrucht – or wood fruit – which is a food industry marketing term to describe blue, black, rasp, straw and all sorts of other berries grown in glass houses and mixed together into a general flavouring.

Raw chocolate sorbet
Xandra says this is so velvety it is impossible to imagine it is a sorbet. Also recommended from IJscupje – this season’s super hip caramel and sea salt.

Three peppers
A vanilla base with pepper aftertaste. Best combined with other flavours, say Xandra. Not so much of a recommendation then.

Ice cream based on spekkoek, a Dutch-Indonesian layer cake made with lots of eggs and spices.

Without pretention, the Van der Linde ice cream parlour and cake shop has been making classic vanilla ice cream for 70 years. The cheapest in the tasting at €1 a scoop.

For prices and where to buy, check out the Parool original article.


3 thoughts on “10 not to miss ice cream flavours

  1. dmf

    I would also recommend anything by Hop Frost! He’s based in Delft but has been setting up at a lot of the beer festivals around the country. Ice cream (and sorbet) made with beer. If you think that sounds gross, you should try it. It is very much not.

  2. Sharon

    Blueberry ice cream sounds divine.
    Calling it wood berry just because you don’t know the translation for bosbes (and couldn’t be bothered to Google for an image or use Google translate) isn’t funny. It’s lame.

    1. netherlands by numbers Post author

      Google translate? Heaven forbid. We think that what the Dutch call the bosbes is actually the blauwebes and is what the Americans would call a blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum) and the English a bilberry – and the Scots a blaeberry come to that. But you are right, it is lame, so we’ve changed it.


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