The 14 rules of Johan Cruyff

Our favourite ever Dutch footballer Johan Cruyff has a foundation which aims to get more children involved in sport. One of the things it does is set up special ‘Cruyff Courts’ where kids can play football or whatever in places where there is not much in the way of facilities. Attached to each court are these 14 rules.

This is a screen dump from the website, honest.

This is a screen dump from the website, honest.

1 Team player

To accomplish things, you have to do it together

2 Responsibility

Take good care of things as if they were your own

3 Respect

Respect one another

4 Integration

Involve others in your activities

5 Initiative

Dare to try something new

6 Coaching

Always help each other within a team

7 Personality

Be yourself

8 Social Involvement

This is crucial in sports, and even more so in life in general


The basics

10 Tactics

Know what to do

11 Development

Sports develop body and soul

12 Learn

Try to learn something new every day

13 Play Together

An essential part of the game

14 Creativity

The beauty of sport

We have to admit, we did edit them just a tad.


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