The seven metro lines of HollandCity

We think this is truly bizarre but the bright sparks in Holland Marketing seem to think this is the way forward – sell the Netherlands as if it is one big city and call it, yes, HollandCity.

The idea is to split the country up into districts, taking in all sorts of places of interest. So we have the Royal district of The Hague, the Lake district of Friesland and good old dynamic downtown Amsterdam. And, if you (and we quote) ‘are interested in architecture and feel comfortable in a dynamic (again) multicultural environment, you can stay in Rotterdam and still visit all the famous Dutch icons’.

To negotiate your way around this fictitious city, there are seven helpful routes you can take, depending on your own specific interests.  Please note, none of this is anything to do with real public transport.

HollandCity metrokaart

We’ve spent a good while trying to make sense of this map and we do have a few questions…

Why is Drachten is considered a suitable end to the Mondriaan Design Line?

Is Schiphol airport really such a great place to go shopping?

And what, on earth, is Zijpe?


2 thoughts on “The seven metro lines of HollandCity

  1. Erika


    However, as a resident of the amsterdam city centre I appreciate the effort they make trying to make tourists also go to other places than Dam square (nothing to see there) or the Anne Frank House (never been there, don’t want to if I see the line).

  2. kk

    Drachten is the end of the Mondriaan Design line because of the ‘papegaaienbuurt”, the parrot neighborhood. The Torenstraat in Drachten has several houses with doors and windows painted red, yellow and blue. On the other side of the street there’s an former school colored orange, green and purple. Theo van Doesburg (De Stijl, like Mondriaan) did the colour design. He also made some staind glass work for buildings in Drachten. Most of it was destroyed when the houses were renovated. The colors were restored later in the late 80’s.
    The museum in Drachten has a departement for Drachten and De Stijl.


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