The 10 best places to live in the Netherlands

Every year, current affairs magazine Elsevier draws up a list of the best places in the Netherlands to live. The list is based on three things. First is the ambiance – the proximity to museums, luxury shops, cafes and if the town centre is ‘historic’. Second is Groen-Blauw – how close it is to parks and nature and the sea? Third is Harmonie – what the neighbourhood is like to live in – is there crime, dog shit and noisy neighbours?

Not surprisingly, this is not a list for those who prefer to live in the city.

zwarte berg in Laaren

In the far distance, you can see a pony

1 Zwarte Berg in Laaren

2 Rijkerspaarkbuurt in Velsen

3 Oostereng in Laren

4 Bredius Oost in Bussem

5 Bredius West in Bussem

6 Overveen

7 Rembrandtpark in Naarden

8 Heemsteedse Dreef and Schildersbuurt in Heemstede

9 Van Merlenbuurt and Valkenburgerplein in Heemstede

10 Aerdenhout centre


8 thoughts on “The 10 best places to live in the Netherlands

  1. Astrid

    I’m pretty sure the first criteria of culture, museums, etc, was taken with a grain of salt. This list seems to reflect the ideal of village living in old (ish) places, rather than access to history in an active way. There are lovely places like the hofjes (court yard living) in Amsterdam and Leiden, or quiet suburban living in Zeist, Hoofddorp or Amstelveen, near the cultural big cities, which give access to green, blue, culture, history, and good quiet living. Why didn’t they just say to go live in Drenthe, if that’s what they’re looking for?

  2. HBJBS

    Come on: Laren, not Laaren. Bussum, not Bussem. Aerdenhout, not Aedenhout… Dutch towns are difficult to spell, but this is a bit much.

    1. HBJBS

      Btw: not looking to post that or this in the comments, just a note to you. Keep up the good work!! 🙂

  3. love4piggies

    With all due respect, I can’t believe that Blaricun did not place in the Top 10 list for the best places to live in The Netherlands. It placed 4th in your 2013 survey. How could Blaricum not even rate and drop from the 10 best in 2015? Totally disagree and there is not another place in The Netherlands that I would live in but BLARICUM!!


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